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“When you help one person to resolve a conflict, the experience extends to others like family, friends, and colleagues. That takes on a life of its own and spreads more than we realise. What a great way to make the world a slightly better place!”   ~  Mervyn Malamed

My accreditations include CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, London) – considered to be the international gold standard in Mediation. I am also a Certified Trainer of several Conflict Management Courses including Conflict Dynamics’ ‘Becoming Conflict Competent’ and Mediation Training International’s, ‘Successful Conflict Conversations’ (the latter two from the USA).

With the post-grad launch of a second career some years ago, (PG. Dip Dispute Settlement, Stellenbosch University Business School) infused with a good dose of ‘street-smarts’, I have since created my own comprehensive training course and my articles have been published in leading media.

“My work involves Alternate Dispute Resolution and is structured to save people time, stress, and money.”

I am also a Mediation Panel Member of the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa (AFSA), Equillore Dispute Resolution, SA, and the African Commercial Dispute Settlement Centre of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and have completed the Paddocks |UCT Dispute Resolution in Community Schemes Course

A clever person turns great troubles into little ones and little ones into none at all

~ Chinese Proverb

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